How to Get an American IP Address Outside USA

The internet has permanently changed the world we live in. It has crammed itself in the center of our daily lives and jobs. From WiFi to mobile data, people nowadays don’t move an inch without having an internet connection by their side. In addition, the internet also helps users tap into whatever they want with just a click of a button. Offices around the world now rely on the internet so that they can communicate and transfer data easily. But is it safe? Are browsers all that we need to surf the web or do anything online? No, it’s not. A Virtual Private Network, aka a VPN, is the best add-on there is. A VPN helps in a lot of ways and one of them is gaining IP addresses from all around the world, including a US IP address.

When connecting to a US server, there are a lot of benefits and possibilities that open up. From unblocking geo-restrictions to protecting your private data, a VPN with an American IP does it all. If you are an expat or a traveler in any country such as the UK, Australia, Canada, France, the Middle East or overseas, you can easily get a US IP address and use it to access whatever is exclusively available in the United States. For people who already know how this works, you should also stick around to know why this should be done.

Connect to a US Server using a VPN

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How to Get a US IP Address Using a VPN

Obtaining an IP address using a VPN is very easy. It helps you access online content only available in the US. For those new to VPNs, here are the steps you need to do to get an American IP address:

  1. Sign up with a VPN provider and make sure that it has US servers.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on any platform that is compatible with it, such as PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Firestick.
  3. Sign in using the account created and connect to a US server.
  4. Go to and double check if you have an American IP.
  5. Now you have hidden your IP address and are officially a virtual US citizen.

And if you want your old IP back, you just have to disconnect from the VPN and you’re all set and done.

The Best VPN to Gain an American IP address

Following the steps above is totally easy. But choosing a VPN that will help you along the way is the hard part. We have to make sure that the VPN we choose actually has American servers to connect to. Once you connect, do a speed test to see how much slower your internet became after using that provider. Guys, please make sure you don’t go for a free VPN you might have stumbled upon in an ad or something. A small fee of 10$ or less will give you the most secure experience that has ever happened to you online. I recommend using ExpressVPN. It has dozens of servers, including ones in the US, and doesn’t affect your speed much while encrypting your data. If you don’t agree with me, here is a list of the best VPNs ever, tested to fit your needs:

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The Merits of Changing to a US IP Address

When you use a VPN, simply connect to a US server and get an American IP address. This will allow you to access content only available in the US and so much more.

Geo-restrictions No More

When you are an expat or a foreigner living abroad, you might get sick and tired of all the content restricted to the US. Hulu lovers will get frustrated when this annoying geo-error pops up“We’re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States.” Well, that’s what they think. With an American IP address, geo-restrictions imposed on streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, WWE Network, HBO Go, SlingTV, ABC Go and so much more no longer pose an issue. Online services read your IP so that they determine your location. Once you have the US IP address, any channel blocked outside the US will view you as a current US resident, thus unblocking any geo-blocked applications and websites. Stream all you want, unlock all you want.

Going Around Blackouts

If you are a sports lover and tend to watch your favorite matches online or on demand, the American streaming channels have your back… most of the time. If you’re a fan of NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA and their matches, then you might be affected by blackouts. Blackouts occur when the broadcasting rights of the cable providers override those of a streaming channel in a certain region of the US. Here you should find a US server located in an area not affected by the blackout, connect to it, and gain access to the game online by tricking the streaming service into thinking you are actually present in a different region in the US. You will easily be able to stream the match live online without any interruptions.

Secured Online Privacy

Whenever you are online, whether you are on facebook or on a search engine, don’t think that you’re safe. Every search engine and whatever social media service you use monitors your activities while you surf. A VPN here helps to encrypt your data, thus making it safe to surf the web as you please. It also helps keep the prying eyes of your ISP away from your online browsing activities.

How to Get an American IP Address Outside the US – Parting Words

Using a VPN is a very important thing to do when you are an expat or just happen to be living abroad. It helps you in so many ways that aid your travel experience. From streaming any geo-blocked content to solving the blackout issues all the way to your online privacy. Obtaining an American IP address gives you full access to everything the land of the free has to offer online.