Torrent Protocol Creator Leaves BitTorrent, Plans on Launching Own Cryptocurrency

In the torrenting world, there is no bigger name than Bram Cohen. The American computer programmer is the creator of the peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol and the first file sharing program to use it.

BitTorrent Inc, which later became known as Rainberry, was recently acquired by Justin Sun, the founder of a cryptocurrency called TRON. While the reason for the purchase was unclear at first – suggestions that BitTorrent would somehow be used in mining cryptocurrency were quickly quashed by Rainberry around the time of the acquisition – it later emerged that Sun had plans to integrate the TRON network into BitTorrent and use it to offer financial incentives for seeders, something which he believed will improve the quality of the BitTorrent sharing experience.

Cohen had already ceased from engaging in the daily operations of BitTorrent since last year but remained on the firm’s Board of Directors. Now a report by TorrentFreak is suggesting that Cohen has quietly left BitTorrent Inc., though there has been no official announcement from neither TRON nor the BitTorrent inventor himself.

Cohen had been highly critical of cryptocurrencies. “Bitcoin is, at core, a form of digital goldbuggism, which is even more ridiculous than regular goldbuggism. Now stop asking me about it,” he once lashed out in a tweet in 2011.

However, Cohen announced his project of an environmentally friendly cryptocurrency called Chia Network. His Twitter bio now reads, “Creator of BitTorrent. Now doing cryptocurrency stuff.”