Best VPN for Malaysia

Malaysia might be one of the most beautiful places on earth, but for internet users, it just might be a living nightmare. The country has many repressive measures in place when it comes to the web, claiming that they help protect the moral standards of the nation. Oh, come on! Regardless, for those who want to protect their privacy and don’t like to be constrained while browsing, you need a VPN. Here’s our list of the best VPNs for Malaysia.

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Internet in Malaysia

Malaysia is generally considered to be an advanced nation in terms of freedom of speech. However, if you take a closer look at what goes around online, you’ll notice that these statements are at times far from the truth.

Malaysia is known to provide its citizens with partially free internet. The country got this reputation for several reasons: blocked websites, limited access to content, and shrinking freedom of speech, all of which are becoming more severe with the passage of time.

If you post anything that doesn’t meet government ‘standards’, then you’re doing something wrong. In other words, the government can take action against any post that doesn’t adhere to its point of view and you might get penalized for it. Therefore, residents there or people visiting tend to resort to the use of a VPN. You can see the top 4 providers we’re going to cover in this article in the following table.

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Best VPN for Malaysia

While there are dozens of VPNs on the market to consider, some may be considered more efficient than others when it comes to Malaysia. If we’re talking about cybercrime and surveillance, you’re going to need one with great security features. But we can’t forget that most of us are into streaming, which means that you’re going to have to invest in a VPN with a good distribution of fast servers. I went ahead and picked four of the best VPNs to use in Malaysia. Check them out in this full review.


This VPN offers excellent speedy servers all over the world. This makes ExpressVPN the number one VPN for people who like to stream series and play online games with no latencies. Aside from that, the VPN has great customer support and a strict no logging policy. Here are some of the key features of ExpressVPN:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and server switches.
  • 256-bit encryption.
  • 3 simultaneous connections.
  • 30-day money back.
  • 5 different tunneling encryption protocols.
  • More than 128 server locations.


IPVanish grants you access to over 1000 blazing fast servers across sixty countries. With 256-bit authentication and 256-bit AES encryption, you’re guaranteed complete online safety. There’s a zero-log policy and a 7-day money back guarantee too. Here are other top features from this VPN provider:

  • 1000+ ultra-high-speed servers all around the world.
  • Up to 40,000 IP addresses.
  • Strong encryption protocols.
  • Client for Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Linux or Android based devices.
  • Supports 10 devices connected all at once.
  • Allows for P2P file sharing or torrenting.


NordVPN offers security of the highest level using double data encryption. Connecting to public networks has never been safer thanks to the enhanced protection this VPN gives you. While traveling, losing your access to local channels will no longer be an issue as you’ll be able to access geo-restricted content with ease courtesy of its widespread server network.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 4000+ servers, well dispersed around the world.
  • Double-VPN. Two servers instead of one.
  • Automatic kill switch.
  • 6 devices with one account.


BulletVPN is all about the security of its users. Although it doesn’t have that many servers, it does cover all the continents and the most important locations, allowing you to access geo-restricted content wherever you are at the fastest speeds. Check the rest of the features:

  • Kill switch.
  • 5 security protocols.
  • Around the clock support.
  • High-level encryptions.
  • Smart DNS.
  • 30-day cash back.
  • Speedy servers in 30 countries.

Why a VPN in Malaysia

The Malaysian government employs invasive surveillance and censorship tactics to control what you access online. Not to mention that if you’re traveling there, you’ll lose all access to your home channels. Fortunately, a VPN can help you overcome these odds. Here’s what you can do with a VPN in Malaysia.

Access Blocked Websites

When you’re IP is hidden, you can access any website even if it is blocked in your region. ISPs block certain sites based on government orders. But if you’re anonymous, you’ll have full access to whichever site you choose.

You can torrent all you want now that you own a VPN too. And to add a cherry on top, you can visit blocked news websites like Tabung Insider, Malaysia Chronicle, The Malaysia Insider, Asia Sentinel, and Medium anytime.

Stream International Content

In an online world dominated by streaming services offering movies, documentaries, and TV shows, there exits one major drawback. Online channels are often only available in their country of origin, something we call geo-restrictions. In some cases, even when the services are available, it is often that they only have a smaller version of their original libraries available. So although Malaysia has Netflix, for instance, the movies you get there aren’t as good as the original one back in the United States.

With a VPN, you can connect to a US server to obtain a US IP address that grants you full access to the American Netflix. Now, you have a library full of huge blockbuster movies in Malaysia. This works as well with other streaming services like Hulu, Hotstar, and the BBC iPlayer. All you would have to do is to connect to an Indian or British server respectively.

Protect Your Privacy

In Malaysia, you can get fined or even jailed for saying the wrong thing. Moreover, internet users’ activities are tracked and their web browsing history is recorded by the government.

Legislation allows the authorities to instantly remove or block content that they believe to be offensive. In cases of violation of CMA’s sections 211 or 233, users will be blocked just like any other terrorist, pornographic, or phishing site.

Do you want internet freedom and privacy, then get yourself a VPN. All you need to do is connect to a server and you’ll be browsing the internet alone. With encrypted data, you’ll protect your device from being hacked and anonymize your internet presence. Want freedom of speech? Speak out, no one knows who you are now.

Best VPN for Malaysia – Final Thoughts

In order to survive the harsh reality of the internet in Malaysia, you should subscribe to any of the services in our list of the 4 best VPNs for Malaysia and restore your online freedom.