A Piece of Snapchat Source Code Surfaces on Github, Panic Ensues

About a week ago, Snap Inc. took down a small, leaked chunk of Snapchat’s iOS source code from a GitHub repository. The code is believed to have been online for about 2 months before the company took notice. The code may have been acquired during a botched iOS update back in May. The chunk is still out there too.

GitHub published the hysterical DMCA takedown notice from Snap Inc. With the exception of two paragraphs that the company is supposed to copy and paste from the form itself, the rest of the request is written entirely in all caps.

Snapchat DMCA request

The Github users that posted the code, i5xx, was believed to be from the village in Pakistan’s southeastern Sindh province, but later inspection revealed that the user might be from Saudi Arabia, as his profile links to an online business in Saudi Arabia.

I5xx’s intentions don’t appear to be bad, in fact, on his Twitter account, he declared that he had attempted to contact Snapchat repeatedly in vain about the matter.

The takedown however seems to have failed to stop the leak. Soon after the takedown, a security researcher known as x0rz sought to find a mirror of the repository on Twitter and was supplied with links to mirrors and offers to send him copies from a number of other users.

Snapchat source code shared

As I mentioned, GitHub published Snap’s takedown request four days ago. That suggests that the repository was potentially online for over two months.

This isn’t the only instance where a well known technology company has had its source code posted on Github. Apple had filed a similar takedown notice last February after source code form the iPhone’s operating system was posted in Github.