Moscow’s Cable Car System Hit with Ransomware Two Days After Launch

Moscow’s cable car system was infected with ransomware a mere two days after its launch. Local news outlets reported that the infection happened on Wednesday, November 28, at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The hackers had managed to infect the servers of Moscow Ropeway (MKD), the agency in charge of Moscow’s re-built cable car line.

The carline, a 720-meter line that connects the Luzhniki Olympic Complex to the observation platform on Sparrow Hills, crossing the Moscow river along its way, had been inaugurated only two days prior to the attack by Moscow’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

The line was shut down and all cable cars were halted as soon as MKD had realized what had happened. According to MKD’s website, the ransomware was removed from its systems one day after the attack. The line resumed work a day later, on the 30th.

There were no reported injuries, and all cable cars were landed safely. The line comprised 35 cable cars, each able to fit 8 passengers.

Authorities were able to identify the culprit, though he or she or they haven’t been arrested yet, according to Russian news sites. There are no details about the type of ransomware that was used to infect the servers or the size of the ransom that was demanded either.