House of Cards Season 6 – What You Need to Know

Netflix never seizes to amaze us with its original shows. And the show that started that trend, House of Cards, will air its final season on the 2nd of November. Every fan out there is waiting for the end of this dramatic ride. The 6th season will consist of 8 episodes, unlike previous ones, and all episodes will become available to you on the same day if you have access to Netflix.

House Of Cards Season 6 Review

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House of Cards Season 5 Recap

Season five opens with Frank and Claire whipping up fear around Jim Miller’s death. ICO grabs Jim Miller, his wife Caroline and their teenage daughter Melissa in a restaurant car park and takes them to a hideout. ICO releases a video threatening to kill the family unless three demands are met – the end of US military activity in Syria, $10 billion in reparations to ICO, and the release of its leader Yusuf Al Ahmadi.

After Yusuf is allowed to speak to his men, he directly switches from English to Arabic 14 seconds into the call and orders them to execute Jim. The Underwoods and the Conways attend Jim’s funeral. That’s where Melissa tells Frank that she hopes he dies so that Claire can become president. And soon after the FBI determines the location of the murderer, they soon realize that he’s not there. Why? Because Frank had him the whole time and eventually kills him.

Frank also tries to manipulate the elections with his guy in the NSA, Aiden, harvesting data and using it to his advantage to win. But despite these efforts, he still lost. He then fabricates a terrorist attack which leads to the election being declared null and void.

By the end of the season, Frank has been exposed for the crimes he committed and Claire becomes president. Frank looks to be pardoned by her, but that doesn’t happen. She does not pick up her phone and the season ends with her looking straight into the screen saying: “My Turn Now”.

House of Cards Season 6 – What You Need to Know

After the death of Frank, we’re looking forward to seeing a woman in power for a change and a lot of us are excited to see what Robin Wright can bring to the show in the leading role. For those that don’t know, Frank was killed off because Kevin Spacey was actually fired from the show following his sexual harassment scandal. Now, Claire Underwood has to carry on the legacy of the presidency as the first ever female president of the United States.

Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear will join the cast this year. How awesome is that? The two are well known for their acting prowess; you can check out their awards on their IMDB pages if you don’t agree.

The season is going to highlight how Claire is going to deal with the pressure of being the president of the United States. In the trailer, we can hear people calling her “the worst thing that ever happened to this country”. But we’re pretty sure that she’s not going down that easily. “The first female President of the United States is not gonna keep her mouth shut,” she said. So, expect a lot of drama this season and mark your calendars for November 2.

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House of Cards Season 6 – Summing Up

The 6th chapter of HoC is on its way, everybody. As for me, I’m really excited to see what’s going to go down. After seeing how far Claire is willing to go to get what she wants, including murder, I’m sure we’re in for a lot of surprises. Set your alarms, for November 2nd because you’re in for a binge-watch that you won’t forget.