Facebook Explicitly Bans the Sale of All Kodi Devices, Including Piracy Free Boxes

The crackdown on Kodi continues. Facebook has added the streaming box to its list of outlawed piracy enabling streaming devices to include all devices that use Kodi software. This carpet bombing by Facebook means that, legal or not, Kodi boxes cannot be traded through facebook.

Kodi is a neutral platform that can be turned it into a powerful pirate tool through third-party add-ons. We’ve already reported on a case where a man in the UK was sentenced to 5 years in prison for selling piracy enabled Kodi boxes. Copyright holders have also been very aggressive towards the streaming device, spreading exaggerated claims of rampant malware threats related to Kodi.

Back in May of 2017, Facebook banned “products or items that facilitate or encourage unauthorized access to digital media.” But now an update to new rule explicitly bans the sale of any device that comes with KODI installed, which includes Kodi devices that do not come preloaded with 3rd party piracy enabling add-ons.

The updated law bans:

  • Promoting the sale or use of streaming devices with KODI installed
  • Jailbroken or loaded devices
  • Jamming or descrambling devices
  • Wiretapping devices

Facebook will still allow the sale of add-on equipment for KODI devices, such as keyboards and remotes. People that continue selling these devices in sale groups could face having their accounts banned. This also means that you will no longer see ads pushing for Kodi devices anymore.

Facebook isn’t alone. Google has also been hostile to Kodi. Late in March, the search giant started removing the term ‘Kodi’ from its search autocomplete feature.