Best VPN for Travel

Traveling is one of the most popular hobbies around the world. It can be quite healthy sometimes to just leave everything behind and spend some relaxation time, either alone or with your friends, in a land far, far away. And in some cases, frequent traveling can be a part of your job requirements. People who travel frequently sure know about this, but we’re going to say it again anyway: when you’re abroad, keeping up with what’s going on back home is essential, and finding a way to stay connected isn’t always easy. This is why a good VPN is critical for a pleasant traveling experience.

Accessing the internet is a must for the vast majority of travelers. Whether you want to stay in contact with the folks back home or have to follow up on some work, you need a stable and safe internet connection. But while you’re on the go, you must never forget that most public WiFi networks can be compromised. To make sure that no one is spying on your private matters, you need to carry a Virtual Private Network alongside your luggage.

Best VPN for Travel

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What’s a VPN? Quick Review

A Virtual Private Network, aka a VPN, is a private network used to protect private information sent and received online from hackers. Not only does a VPN provider like ExpressVPN protect you, it also unlocks a lot of geo-restricted content across the globe so you don’t get limited to content available in your region. Below you can find some of the top names of VPN providers for travel purposes:

Best VPN for Travel – In Depth

Choosing your VPN companion in your travel is not easy. But that’s why we’re here to help you figure things out. First of all, you need to make sure that your VPN provider actually has numerous servers around the world so you can access anything wherever you are. Another thing to chew on is that you have to do your research on whether this VPN can be trusted to protect your online activities. Some VPNs are very good at what they have to offer, yet their security level pales in comparison to others.

The last thing you have to focus on is that you have to pick a VPN that offers a money back guarantee. Most of the good providers give their customers a 30-day money back deal. With this, you can get your money back if the provider fails to reach your expectations. So with that said, here is a list of the best VPNs out there to help you travel with a clear and safe mind:

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Did you notice anything weird in the table above? Yeah! None of these providers in the table are free to subscribe to. Please, guys, be careful, do not sign up to any free VPN you might come across while watching an ad or something. Those free VPNs come with very low security that might endanger your whole private life. These providers might not function as hoped. They might compromise any online work you want to do privately. The premium providers in the table though will help you unlock anything that is becomes available once you leave your home country. And to add a cherry on top, they add a layer of security during your travels.

Public WIFI Hotspots Protection

When in a foreign country, the first thing that pops into your head is whether the hotel has WIFI or not. As a traveler, your access to the internet is mainly limited to public WIFI hotspots. We all get giddy when we find an open network to connect to in airports, restaurants, and cafes. We all like to go to coffee shops and get to know each other more (who am I kidding? No, we stay glued to our phones). But any device connected to a public hotspot is an easy prey for hackers. However, when you use a VPN, all data leaving or entering your device will be encrypted and consequently protected from whoever is trying to pry on it.

Lifting Geo-restriction Anywhere in the World

A VPN is not only there for your protection and security. It has the ability to let you tune in on content that is geo-restricted to your country. While traveling, you can get access to all TV channels and online services provided by your home country without any restrictions. You simply connect to a server in your region using your VPN and you are practically there. A VPN hides your IP address so that the streaming service doesn’t know where you are. Once you connect to a server you automatically become virtually present there as your new IP will make it look like you are still in your home country. A lot of websites and applications are restricted outside your country, but with a VPN you get to bypass these restrictions and feel like you’re home. Now, you won’t miss any episodes of your local TV show or program.

Server Availablity

When you choose a VPN provider, make sure that it covers all the servers you need while traveling. Free VPNs don’t cover a wide range of servers, so this might be a big problem for you. Imagine you’re a UK traveler and need access to NOW TV. If your VPN doesn’t have UK servers then you won’t be able to access any of its shows due to geo-restrictions. Paid providers tend to offer a whole bunch of servers to aid you when trying to access services only available in certain countries. So be careful, and choose wisely and stay away from free providers, they’ll do you no good.

Functioning All Over the World

Not all VPNs work when in certain countries. Some VPNs are blocked depending on which country you’re in. For example, one of the biggest social media blockers is China. Nothing works there and everything is blocked. China has a low tolerance policy for VPN providers and tends to block every VPN that gets its attention. So if your VPN is able to bypass the Great Firewall of China, then this is probably your best choice.

Installation Process

Setting up the app on your device should be easy as well. People don’t have the energy anymore to go around in circles. They just tend to go for another service if they face a hard time. You need to get a service whose apps are easy to install. Don’t forget that you need a VPN that is compatible with whatever device you might be using.

Good Customer Service

Whenever you are having a hard time with your provider, you will need outside help. Your provider’s customer service should be well informed and readily available. You might have problems logging in or connecting to a server. Here’s where you need an expert’s help. If they have good customer service reviews, don’t hesitate for a second to use their services.

Traveling with VPN – Final Words

Having a VPN as your travel companion is the best way to live it to the max. It bypasses restrictions on whatever website or application you tend to use and you won’t need to spend so much money on roaming data packages, it’s a waste of your money. Just do your research, read this guide well, and try your VPN at home before going abroad. Make sure it’s compatible with your device, whether it’s an iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows laptop, and you’re good to go. Get a VPN and have a safe flight.