Best VPN for Sling TV

If you’d go and conduct a search for one of the most affordable streaming services that you’d be likely to subscribe to, chances are that you’ll come up with Sling TV at the very top of your list. Sling TV offers access to one of the best channels in the TV industry and will allow you to enjoy content from channels like FOX, Disney, ESPN, AMC, and Showtime. The full list is about 135 channels long, and at only $20 a month, you’ll be able to catch up with all your favorite TV shows and episodes.

With Sling TV, you can access all that content but only under one condition; you’ll have to be within the US. The Sling TV platform is unfortunately set up to deny access to anyone hoping to stream content from outside the US. This is done through screening the IP address of the user in question. Now, if you happen to have travelled abroad, and you can no longer access the service because of its geo-restrictions, you can either decide to look around for another streaming service that’s accessible from where you’re based, or you can opt to look for a way in which you can work around the service’s geo-restriction despite it being unavailable in your region.

If you decide to stick with your streaming service despite where you are, then using a VPN service is the next best solution that you ought to consider to regain access to your Sling TV subscription. A VPN service works by encrypting your connection such that the data that gets transmitted through your network cannot get intercepted by anyone hoping to get access to your device. In addition, a VPN allows you to work around the geo-restrictions that get set up to prevent access to channels or sites that are not permitted in a certain region. This is the kind of solution that you’re going to need if you want to get back access to your favorite streaming platform.

Sling TV and VPN

In that regard, a VPN service will work by redirecting your server traffic through its own servers, and in effect change your actual IP address to one that reflects the location of one of their own. If you’re based in Germany for example, and you still want to access the Sling TV website, all you’d have to do is gain access to a US based server through your VPN connection and you’d be good to go.

In your search for a credible service, you’re bound to come across a number of providers that advertise their services for free. This can sound very appealing especially if you really don’t prefer to pay for a service you can get at no charge. The problem with these services is that you cannot really trust them. Most of them have been known to sell off their subscriber’s data to third parties just to facilitate their free offering. Others have been known to illegally tap into their customer’s information and blackmail their customers into buying back their own private files & folders.

The only instance that we could recommend you try out a free VPN would only be when testing out a legitimate VPN service. Some of them offer these trial periods that you either pay a refundable amount for or that you just get to use for a stipulated time period without any form of payment required.

The Best VPN for Sling TV

With the many VPN services that are available in the market, it could be difficult to find a service that you find worthwhile to subscribe to. With that knowledge in mind, we’ve gone on to search for a number of credible services that you could rely on, without having to worry about the state of your security online.

1. BulletVPN

While there are plenty of VPN providers out there that claim to be the best, few of them actually live up to their billing. In terms of a proper VPN you can turn to in order to bypass geographic restrictions, it doesn’t get much better than BulletVPN. With VPN apps for PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and FireStick, accessing regionally blocked content like Sling TV abroad become accessible even for those of us who aren’t tech nerds. BulletVPN offer their users a 30-day money-back guarantee. On top of that, you get to use their service on 3 devices simultaneously. In case your streaming device doesn’t support VPN, you can use BulletVPN’s Smart DNS feature to spoof your location instead. In short, if you’re looking for a VPN in order to watch Sling TV outside the USA, this is the one you should sign up with.

2. ExpressVPN

Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN starts out at the top of our list thanks to its exceptional form of customer service, as well as the high quality of their connection. ExpressVPN has a reliable network of about 1500 servers that are evenly distributed around the world to allow customers to access content from virtually anywhere. The service also has a relatively easy to use VPN app that works well across devices based on popular platforms such as Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. With an allowance of up to 3 multiple connections, ExpressVPN allows users to protect most of their personal devices. Matters security are airtight with such a provider thanks to its 256-bit AES encryption. The service also upholds a strict zero logging policy, and allows for prospective users to experience them through their 30 day money back guarantee.

3. NordVPN

Another top contender we’ve opted to feature on this list is NordVPN. With more than 4000 servers at its disposal, it is difficult to imagine not being able to connect to a channel or site hosted in any particular country. The service is jam-packed with unique tools such as its Onion over VPN feature, as well as an automatic Internet kill switch that shuts off your Internet in case of any VPN problems. With NordVPN, customers get to enjoy two layers of 256-bit AES encrypted security, thanks to its DoubleVPN feature which moves data through two servers instead of one. The service also avails browser extensions designed for lightweight protection. For its customers who would rather have the VPN app, NordVPN provides an easy to use solution which is compatible with platforms such as Windows, iOS, Linux and Android. The service offers a standard 30 day money back guarantee for its users who want to try everything out before purchasing a subscription.

4. IPVanish

Not many providers can claim to fully own their 1000+ server network like IPVanish can. The service is responsible for issuing out more than 40,000 IPs, and since full control over its network is maintained, the customer care team is able to respond faster to any server related issues compared to other providers. In as much as it is based in the US (home of the NSA), the service still assures customers that their browsing activities will not be logged, and that their information will remain hidden from any prying eyes. The provider is also known for its support of anonymous torrenting and P2P file sharing, as well as 256-bit AES encryption. There are no data caps with the service, and access to geo-restrictive sites such as Sling TV is guaranteed no matter where in the world a user may be. Take advantage of the 7 day money back guarantee that the service offers and see how well the provider fits your preference.

Unblocking Sling TV with a VPN

Once you’ve settled on which provider to use to unblock Sling TV from outside the US, we have a few pointers on what you ought to do to start streaming:

  1. Identify and subscribe to a credible VPN service.
  2. Install the software required to run the VPN service on your device.
  3. Start up the VPN app, and choose a US server.
  4. Launch a connection to it.
  5. Start streaming channels on Sling TV.

Sling TV Channels

Sling TV has a lot to offer its subscribers. Here’s a sample of the list of channels you’re likely to access once you’ve subscribed to Sling TV:

  • Fandor
  • Cinemax
  • Sundance
  • HBO
  • Shortlist
  • Hallmark
  • Epix
  • Starz Encore
  • HDNet Movies
  • LMN
  • Showtime
  • Tribeca Shortlist
  • TCM
  • Disney
  • Disney XD
  • Sling Kids
  • Disney Junior
  • Boomerang
  • Cartoon Network

Wrap Up on The Best VPN for Sling TV

If you’ll also be subscribing for the service from outside the US, then you might have to get a virtual US credit card where you’ll get a US address & Zip code. These two are necessary for your application to go through. Otherwise, the VPNs we’ve discussed on this guideline are solid, and are sure to help you unblock Sling TV from wherever you may be.