The American Idol 2018 Season Finale Is Here. Here’s How to Watch it Online

The sixteenth edition of American Idol, which premiered on March 11 on ABC, is fast approaching its crowning moment. Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie will scrutinize the remaining three contestants over a 2-night season finale beginning tonight at 9 pm ET.

The ABC reboot will be hosted by Ryan Seacrest, who continues his role as the show’s host after its relaunch, and will let viewers decided who will win the 2018 edition. Will it be Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Gabby Barrett, or Maddie Poppe?

The show will be aired online on ABC Go, ABC’s on demand and streaming service. Unfortunately, for US residents who happen to be traveling right now, ABC has geo-restricted its streaming service, meaning that it can’t be accessed from anywhere outside of the US…

But hold on, there’s an easy fix. A couple actually

There are a number of ways by which you could access ABC Go anywhere in the world. For starters, you can use Unlocator, a smart DNS proxy service. Unlocator enables clients, such as a computer or a mobile device, to access geo-restricted content by routing specific DNS traffic through a proxy server located within the approved area for streaming, in this case, the US.

The service is available on a multitude of platforms: Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, iPad, iPhone, iPod, OS X, Ubuntu, Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP.

Unlocator will only take you over the geofence, but you still need an American cable subscription in order to log on to ABC and catch the show.

Another way to access the stream would be to install a VPN. A virtual private network, such as BulletVPN, replaces your IP with an IP from a country of your choice. In this case, you would want to choose a US VPN server

Unlike the DNS proxy, a VPN will route all your data through the tunnel it creates, which means that you can only appear in one country at a time. VPNs, however, are safer than DNS proxies, offering a layer of encryption and anonymizing your IP address completely.

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After a grueling journey that started with the auditions in early March, Caleb, Gabby, and Maddie are gearing up for the final round, putting final touches and doing final rehearsals for the final stretch of the race and an invaluable shot at fame. You should get ready too: Download a VPN or a Smart DNS Proxy now.