Unblock YouTube Anywhere – Simple Steps

YouTube is considered to be the 2nd most popular website in the world. Users watch more than 1 billion hours of video every day on the platform. However, these people probably take YouTube for granted, not knowing how lucky they are. That’s because, for some people, YouTube is blocked. In certain countries around the world, access to the video platform is banned; some establishments, including schools and workplaces, have also restricted access to the site. Fear not, unfortunate ones, you can always access YouTube anywhere with the help of a VPN.

Avoid Youtube Blocking Anywhere

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Access YouTube Wherever You Are with a VPN

There are three possible blocking scenarios. If you’re planning on visiting China or Russia anytime soon, then you’ll probably need a VPN with you. Why? Well, there is no YouTube there. You could also be in a country where there is no ban in place, but that doesn’t mean that you have unfettered access to all the videos on the platform. Sometimes, you will be told that “this video is not available in your country.” Moreover, certain schools and workplaces block the usage of YouTube to avoid distraction during classes and work hours. But all these problems have a solution. If you want to unblock YouTube, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign up with a VPN provider, ExpressVPN is highly recommended.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your Android, iOS, PC, or Mac.
  3. Sign in with your VPN account and do the following:
    1. If YouTube is blocked in your country, then connect to a server abroad (where YouTube isn’t blocked).
    2. If the video is not available in your region, then connect to a server in a country where that video can be played, usually, its country of origin.
    3. At school or work? Just use any server in your country to change your IP address and you’ll be fine.
  4. Finally, enjoy any video, anytime, anywhere.

You can always check out the best VPNs for YouTube in the following table.

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Unblocking in Certain Countries

If you’re an expat living in China, Iran, or North Korea, then you’re pretty unfortunate when it comes to internet access. YouTube isn’t available in any of these countries. China uses Youku and Tudou instead since it has a strict policy against foreign websites. But substitutes are never as good.

Luckily, a VPN can unblock YouTube in China and rid you of whatever restrictions the Great Firewall imposes. To bypass these blockings, you need to disguise yourself with a foreign IP address. With a VPN, you can access a great number of servers spread across the world. So all you have to do is connect to a server outside of China and your problem is solved. Make sure you don’t connect to an Iranian or North Korean server, this will do you no good as the streaming platform is also blocked there.

Region Restricted Videos

One of the main problems any YouTuber might face is getting a message telling them that the video they’ve requested isn’t available to them. Some users prefer to keep their uploads strictly exclusive to certain countries, and you end up with that frustrating geo-error message: “This video is not available in your country”.


A Virtual Private Network can help you spoof your online location. If you connect to wherever the video originates from, then you’ll be able to see it. Simple as that. For example, if the uploader restricts it to the UK, then all you need to do is to connect to a UK server.

Access at School or Work

YouTube is blocked in many companies and schools, mostly because it hinders the productivity of students and employees. While we are not encouraging you to binge watch during class or work, but there’s nothing wrong with unwinding a bit during your break. YouTube can go a long way in helping you release some stress. With a VPN, you can simply connect to any server, minus the ones located in countries where YouTube is blocked, and watch whatever video you want. Your block is based on the IP address of the network you’re connected to, so just change that and you have full access.

Avoid YouTube Blocking Anywhere – Conclusion

Ever since it debuted in 2005, YouTube has grown to become the largest streaming and video sharing platform in the world. However, as with most content related things on the web, the risk of blocks is always there. Some blocks are based on political reasons, some are based on copyright agreements, others are meant to increase productivity. But there’s no good enough reason to deprive YouTubers of watching their favorite videos anytime if you ask us. That’s why a VPN is certainly needed to make sure that you can access YouTube wherever you are.